The 5 best-selling cars in the United States in 2022

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The 5 best-selling cars in the United States in 2022

Do you know what cars are best-selling in the US? The last few years have been a bit turbulent for businesses around the world, including automakers. 

But some models remain favorites of the general public in the United States and, if this is where you plan to buy a car, it is good to know which are the 5 best!


The model has a Media Center, lane change alert, panoramic sunroof, all elegantly and more than 70 safety devices and off-road capability. Its sales increased by 36% over the previous year.

In addition, its 3.0-LITER V6 ECODIESEL engine ensures an efficient and responsive driving experience. It has 241hp of power and a torque of 56mkgf. It is an engine that offers clean technology, reduced emissions and performance.


It has a 2.5 L DOHC hybrid engine, safety package, AWD traction with E-FOUR system, in addition to a sophisticated design, versatility for everyday life and extremely efficient performance due to its hybrid engine.

It is pleasant, practical, spacious, compact SUV, and satisfies a wide variety of tastes, holding the position in both the first quarters of 2021 and 2022.


The model is a very capable and versatile pickup, even if it gets a little overshadowed by domestic rival models.

The first engine yields up to 355 horsepower and 52.95 kgf. m of maximum torque and is mated to a ten-speed automatic gearbox. 

The second has less power (310 hp), but delivers greater torque (59.45 kgf. m) and is connected to an eight-speed gearbox.


The models deliver a unique level of innovation, sophistication, and refinement in engine power that rivals luxury cars. 

The year 2022 started excellently, ranking 2nd during the first quarter, even with a difference of 14% compared to last year.


The model remains in first place despite a drop of 31% compared to the previous year.

Owner of inventive upgrades and features make the F-Series a leader in demand for pickup trucks for years. 

Remembering that the F-150 has been the most traded vehicle in the United States for several years and 98% of Ford’s F line sales are concentrated in the USA.

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August 11, 2022