5 Best Cars for Uber in Orlando

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5 Best Cars for Uber in Orlando

Thinking about working for Uber in Orlando but not sure which car is best for it? 

It is undeniable that transport apps have become very popular in recent years and are an excellent way of getting around for tourists, but which is the best way to work as an Uber driver?

Don’t worry, we’ve listed 5 best ones to get started!

1. Volkswagen Voyage 1.6 with media plus kit

Although this small sedan model has limited space in the rear seat, it is equipped with an interactive media plus package, which meets the equipment requirements.

Some interesting series items on this cruise are: Air Conditioning, Cell Phone Holder, Front Window and Electronic Locks, ABS Brakes, Driver’s Seat with Height Adjustment, Power Steering, Airbags, Brake Alerts, Seat Belts and Headrest Passenger.

In addition, its trunk has a considerable size of 480 liters, and the 1.6 8-valve engine is robust and delivers 104 hp.

In terms of consumption, taking into account the movement of the city, it is possible to travel 11.6 kilometers per liter of gasoline.

Regarding consumption, considering the locomotion in the city, it does 11.6 kilometers per liter with gasoline.

2. Renault Logan Zen 1.6

This French sedan has an excellent trunk of 510 liters and, of course, plenty of interior space, offering passengers a lot of comfort.

In this model it is also possible to find very useful items, such as GPS, multimedia, electro-hydraulic steering, air conditioning, electric locks and airbags.

In addition, the engine of the Logan Zen is the 1.6 that goes from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds and the consumption is 11.9 kilometers per liter of gasoline.

3. Hyundai HB20s Vision 1.6

With good equipment, multimedia and good interior space, the HB20 also stands out among the cars used by Uber and the like.

The car comes with some interesting standard items such as: reversing camera, air, airbags, electric steering, on-board computer, driver’s seat height adjustment, fog lights, stability and traction control, gear shift alert, lane, parking camera and ABS brakes with EBD.

The urban consumption of the Korean model is 12.6 kilometers per liter (one of the most economical in the category), and the 1.6-liter engine accelerates from 0 to 100 in 9.3 seconds.

It has a large trunk of 475 liters.

4. Fiat Grand Siena Attractive 1.4

The Grand Siena Attractive has a large trunk that draws attention with its 520 liters of space, which partially compensates for not having much interior space.

In addition, it has an interesting equipment package.

The standard items that stand out in this model are: three-point seat belts for five occupants, electric windows, airbags, power steering, air, ABS brakes with EBD, on-board computer and trunk lighting.

The car’s urban consumption is 11.1 kilometers per liter, and its 1.4-liter engine delivers 88 horsepower, accelerating from 0 to 100 in 12.5 seconds.

5. Nissan V Drive 1.6 Special Edition CVT

This compact Japanese sedan has decent rear seat space, something even a mid-size sedan can do.

This version has several interesting items such as: on-board computer, electric windows, air conditioning, multifunctional steering wheel, 7-inch multimedia Android Auto and Apple Carplay, electric steering, folding driver’s seat with height adjustment, airbags, ABS brakes With electronic brake control and 12v outlet.

The 1.6 liter engine of the Nissan V Drive produces 111 hp and 15.1 kgfm of torque, which added to the CVT transmission, provides the driver with an easier and more comfortable drive. It went from 0 to 100 in 11.6 seconds.

Fuel consumption for urban gasoline is 11.6 km/l.

Where to buy cars in Orlando?

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August 11, 2022