What is leasing?

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What is leasing?

Leasing is a lease, or more simply, a car rental for the period specified in the contract.

It is a car rental modality, but the bank provides a purchase option at the end of the contract, without the value of the FIPE table.

Its maximum period is usually around two years. After the deadline, it can be downloaded, purchased or upgraded.

The monthly payment includes the rent installments and VRG (guaranteed residual value on purchase), which is the monthly amount paid for a vehicle. The bank also offers the option of using the VRG as “a part of the value is either written off in installments of the contract or is not the end of the contract”.

Three types of leasing are available: Operating, Financial and Back Leasing.

Types of leasing 


The lessor bears the cost of maintaining the product. The lessee can terminate the contract at least 90 days after the start of the contract and notify the company or the contractor in advance.


It’s similar to rent and allows for certain purchasing power, such as the predetermined amount and the final difference of the contract period.

Leasing back

It occurs in a business environment, that is, it is used when the company needs working capital. Therefore, she sells her possessions and then rents them out again.

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August 11, 2022