How do the tolls in Orlando work?


How do the tolls in Orlando work?

There are five toll collection systems in Orlando. They’re actually six, but the last one works more on roads that are not very frequented.

These five systems can work separately or at the same time at a toll point, or that only complicates the life of new tourists. So that you can understand better, let’s explain a little about these systems:


The famous SunPass is the equivalent of the well-known “Sem Parar / Via Fácil” in Brazil. With a “device” that can be glued to the window of the car or not, the driver can skip the tolls in Orlando and the account arrives at home at the end of the month.

There are two options for tourists who want to use the SunPass when renting a car, which are detailed further down in the guide.


System similar to SunPass, but less comprehensive. Despite this, it’s present on an important road that cuts through Orlando, the Beachline Expressway (SR 528). It goes from the city to Cape Canaveral and passes, for example, through the airport.

PlatePass / EToll / TollPass / HTA:

These systems, also known as “per-plate”, to cover-all-by-plate and to cover those who didn’t want to with various “devices” glued to the windshield, such as the EPass and SunPass.

They work like this: when passing through the lanes dedicated to automatic charging (including the two systems: SunPass EPass) the toll booth takes a picture of the sign and sends the toll bill straight to the rental company. The charge is made on the deposit card that you left when you picked up the vehicle.


The toll as we know it, where you park, pay, receive change, receive (if you want) and continue your journey. This species of reconnaissance is in a few endangered places in Florida as it is giving way to automatic tolls.

Exact Coins:

Another system that works like it used to. In the tracks with ‘exact coins’ you don’t find an attendant at the window, but a basket to play with coins and pay the toll. There is no change, therefore, keep plenty of coins in the car to ensure it will have the correct value.

August 11, 2022